Eva Lindblad

All About Balance

Yoga Teacher - Health Coach


After having searched for wellbeing for so long, refusing to give up, Eva finally found a way that actually worked. A way to experience true healing.  A way that made her face her bullshit in a compassionate way and an opening into loving her shadows. 


A way to truly experience self compassion, balance, kindness, detachement and love.

The real deal.

It sounds incredibly new age-y. Yes. Too good to be true. Maybe. 


But if the result is a life filled with health, joy, compassion, acceptance and love, does it really matter?


Eva's recipe for health turned out to be a true success and you are invited to partake, because life changing approaches are meant to be shared. 




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Eva is a yoga teacher, a health coach and an inspiration for all those struggling with life, trying to find balance and self love. For many years, Eva was proudly part of the performance hysteria and worked her ass off doing things she actually didn't enjoy, only to get acceptance from others and feel worthy. After too many years of eating disorders, anxiety and abusive relationships, Eva found yoga and an alternative approach to health and with that, her whole life changed. 

Slowly but steadily, Eva learnt how to appreciate the body for what it can do and stopped judging its physical appearance - which by the way is an everlasting work, to say the least. She started studying health from all angles until she found something that she could feel both in body and heart to be her true approach to it all. Her focus is holistic, she is interested in all aspects concerning wellbeing, and she is passionate about finding balance in all; business and pleasure, green juices and wine. It doesn't have to be one or the other, just like life isn't just one straight strict road. 

She now works as a yoga teacher and health therapist, studying wellbeing, physical training and stress control along with health psychology and spirituality. She also spends some time (although far from enough) sharing her thoughts hoping to inspire others. And for the first time ever, she feels truly at peace and filled with joy and energy. 



"The greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."