• Eva


This is just a test post, so you really don't need to worry about it or even read any further. I just needed to get something done while waiting for the website to get published. That's right, today is the day my personal website is being published. And that's kind of scary but also kinda cool. So much that still need to be modified and improved, but I know I needed to just get this out, now that I finally got the motivation and energy to do it, to make the site and get it up here. I keep surprising myself with both my efficiency once I actually do it, and how slow things can be when I'm not inspired.

And maybe that's just it. Maybe I shouldn't pressure myself so much, thinking I need ot be inspired and super productive constantly, not respecting my natural rhythm and perfection in all my me. Well, anyhow, this is the first post, and this is the day when I publish the site. And now I can't even delete the post. Now it's a memory, an insight in my scattered mind waiting to have my work shown in front of my eyes in a few minutes.

And there we go, the site is up and so is this first blog post!

I just wish I had champagne to celebrate..!

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