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Best decision EVER!

“Yay, you’re teaching this class??! Oh that makes me SO EXCITED! Hey honey, it’s Eva teaching!”

That’s seriously what she said.

That’s the greeting I got when I entered Pranama after a long day of lots of wonderful hormones rushing around, making me all emotional and anxy. In short, I couldn’t have wished for a better greeting today.

I know it might sound like bragging, but even if that was the case, why wouldn’t I appreciate people enjoying a work that I put so much energy and heart in? Cause I really do. I care SO MUCH. I teach, and I work my butt off, and I barely make any money, and each month it’s super hard to find money for both bills and food, but I still wouldn’t want to go back to a heartless work, leaving this passion I’ve found. I love what I’m doing so so much!

The blessing of teaching and coaching people almost feels unreal. Sometimes I almost pinch myself just to check if this really is real life? Is this really what I’m doing? No more politics? No more uninspired studying of things that didn’t really excite me? Working with health and through that helping people find happier and healthier lives, opening up for the possibility to find actual wellbeing, is simply the best thing I could’ve done for myself.

And I’m forever grateful for trusting myself enough to jump into the unknown, brave enough to break my made up restrictions and norms, and strong enough never to give up!

I’m teaching this class and that makes me SO EXCITED!

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