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From slight bullshit to complete honesty

So I never manage to actually publish this site yesterday. Some DNS issues that I didn't know much about last night and that I don't really know much about today either, but at least this morning I managed to figure out how to correct it and that just makes me so incredibly proud! The pride from accomplishing things you thought not to be possible is beyond amazing. Leaving your comfort zone and widening your tool box is cool and all but I just realized this is not at all what I'm supposed to write today. This was what my mind told me to write. To sound catchy and inspiring. This didn't at all come from my heart.

Ok, I'll start over, and I'll be more honest this time. Yes I was proud of solving the website problem, but to portray this day around that wouldn't be fair at all. Today was hard. I was pretty empty energy wise from an intense weekend (Zumba teacher training, not partying yet lots and lots of dancing - yay!) and today just turned out to be one of those days where I was supposed to be there for others. One amazing health coaching session to start the day, then a business (let's support and empower each other and not let men take all the money in this business / girl power) call with a colleague and that a friend's date with a girl friend, followed by two yoga classes. All things I love. All things that is absolutely my calling. It was just that all these things needed my energy. It all needed to be lifted and cared for and today, after an energy filled weekend, it was hard for me to stand in my power and lift all this up.

Reminding me that I too need to rest. I too need to recharge. I am so incredibly valuable to myself that my number one priority must be to ensure my wellbeing so that I can care for others (putting on my oxygen mask so I can help others etc etc.).

What did I do? I put on "Maniac" and started dancing on the subway. I taught a yin class to such beautiful, genuine people. I got flowers at my last yoga class at Yin & Yang Yogastudio by St Eriksplan (and I LOVE GETTING FLOWERS!) and I called my mom, who just happens to be my best friend and we talked while I took my evening walk in a winter Stockholm to the second yoga studio, and when I got to YogaShakti I had recharged myself and all of a sudden I had SO MUCH ENERGY! The second class was amazing! I felt so much love for everyone and everything

And now I'm filled with love and a sense of purpose and complete faith. I know this is all according to plan. I know what comes my way comes for a reason. Teaching me lessons. Strengthening me. Softening me. Leading me along the right path. Reminding me of the essence, the true mening of it all.

Reminding me to find joy, even in the smallest things. Reminding me that life is simply supposed to be lived and enjoyed. That "the purpose of the dance is the dance"*.

So, all in all, life goes up and down. Sometimes fluctuating faster, sometimes slower. The better we become at surfing those waved the less we need to fight swimming and getting unnecessary water in our lungs.

*thank you Alan Watts for that beautiful quote!

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